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Garden exhibition

24. June 2023

Painting and sculpture exhibition in the home garden

Logatec, Slovenia

Every beautiful story begins with something special, and this one started on a beautiful sunny day 🧚‍♀️❤️☀️💫🧚‍♀️🌸, in a fairy-tale garden with lovely colorful flowers and the magical number 7, because it was our 7th Garden Exhibition. Pictures and sculptures were hidden among the greenery of the blooming garden, embraced by friends, acquaintances, and new acquaintances who came throughout the day. Enjoyable socializing surrounded by the scent of barbecue, sweet treats, drops of wine, Latin rhythms, and tango💃, we spun into an energetically filled day that continued late into the night. By the playful fire, we talked about the beautiful things themselves. Slavica thanks everyone and each one individually for creating another unforgettable Garden Exhibition together 🧡💛💙❤️

Picture Gallery :

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