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SLAVICA Štrukelj Kokoravec KOKO

About me:


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-LUXEMBURG 2023,Art Prize. certificate for the special quality of the work of art

-Pegasus Venice Award 2023  

-Donatello Prize Florence, 1st International 2023

-LUXEMBURG 2022,Art Prize. certificate for the special quality of the work of art.

-LUXEMBURG 2021,Art Prize. certificate for the special quality of the work of art.

-LUXEMBURG 2020, Art Prize certificate for the special quality of the work of art.

-LUXEMBURG 2019, Art Prize certificate for the special quality of the work of art.

-Lynx premio 2016 (selected among 780 works, as the only Slovenian painter),

-EkoDrava 2013 (1. prize),

-EX tempore Piran (exhibited several times in a short selection )

-Art colony Žetale (redemption reward)

-Ex tempore Brezovica (special award)


SOLO EXHIBITIONS (60+ from 2005 and onward)

Exhibitions in the last eight years:


-Gallery of Telekom Stegne

-Ministry of Defence of Slovenia MORS

-Garden Art Exhibition (7 ht edition)

-Telekom Slovenia Center 

-Donatello Prize Florence

-Venice Award Pegasus 



-Caraousell de Louvre Paris

-Lokarjeva Gallery

-Castle Snežnik 

-Privat Museum Andora

-Vrtna Razstava

-Galerija Ekonomska Fakulteta

-Piran Art Gallery

-Terme Tuhelj


-Ministrstvo za obrambo Galerija MORS

-Galerija Črna na Koroškem

-Vrtna razstava Logatec Junij

-Vrtna razstava Logatec Sept

-Prestižno, mednarodno umetniško tekmovanje na svetu, The Luxemburg Art Prize.


-Vrtna razstava Logatec

-Torino muzej Miit Torino

-Lynx Trst, galerija Tivarnella art

-Kavarna Mozaik, Ljubljana

-G.H. Rogaška Slatina

-Kulturni dogodek Center Zalog, Slepa Grofica


-B&B Kranj

-Salon Velana Living, Ljubljana

-Čajnica Zisha, Ljubljana


-Galerija EF, Ljubljana

-LUXArt Gallery, Trst

-Galerija Etams, grad Štatenberg


-Galerija Korotan, Dunaj

-Konzorcij MK, Ljubljana

-Galerija cafe PopArt, Ljubljana

-Galerija cafe Pungert, Kranj

-Knjižnica Otona Župančiča, Ljubljana

-Knjižnica Galerija , Grosuplje

-Plesni salon Salsa, Ljubljana


-Galerija Spomeniško varstvenega centra,

-Galerija MORS,

-Galerija Štekelj,

-Galerija EF,

-Galerija Pungert,

-Podutiška dvorana,

-Vrtna razstava

-Plesni Salon Salsa,

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (70+ from 2005 and onward)

-Carrousel du Louvre Pariz Prodajna Razstava Moderne umetnosti 2022

--Mix Art Gallery Belgium

-Bienale akvarelov Mini Castra 2022 Lokarjeva Galerija Ajdovščina

-Natečaj Akvarela Galerija Grad Snežnik 2022

-EX tempore:

-Piran (2005-2022), Ptuj, EkoDrava, Logatec, Brezovica, Duplje, Žetale

-Slikarske kolonije:

-Zalaegerszeg Madžarska, 2009

-OGUS Srebrenik, BiH, 2008

-Sava Brčko, 2010

-Maribor - General Maister, 2006 in 2008

-Da Vinci – Žmavc 2008

-Občina  Sv.Ana


-Carrousel du Louvre Pariz, 

-Mix Art Gallery Belgium,

-LUXArt Gallery – Trst,

-Galerija Livorno LYNX – Livorno,

-Lokarjeva Galerija LYNX - Ajdovščina,

-Galerija Vipavski križ - Vipava,

-Galerija MIK - Ljubljana,

-Galerija Monford – Portorož,

-Anina Galerija - Rogaška Slatina,

-Galerija MORS – Ljubljana,

-Galerija Predjamski grad – Postojna,

-Galerija KC – Ljubljana,

-Galerija na Vidmu – Ilirska Bistrica,

-Galerija knjižnice Grosuplje, …


-Privat museum Andora






-DONATELLO PRIZE FLORENCE, 1st International 2023

-LUXEMBURG 2023,Art Prize. certificate for the special quality of the work of art

-LUXEMBURG 2022,Art Prize. certificate for the special quality of the work of art

-LUXEMBURG 2021,Art Prize. certificate for the special quality of the work of art

-LUXEMBURG 2020,Art Prize certificate for the special quality of the work of art

-LUXEMBURG 2019,Art Prize. certificate for the special quality of the work of art

-LYNX 2019

-NEW YORK 2019,

-BASEL 2018,

-LYNX 2016,



Energijske slike, Umetniške slike, Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec ART Quantum Energy Energy Healing Paintings

Štrukelj Kokoravec 

14.5.1963, Ljubljana, Slovenia

-ArtHouse  of Visual Arts, Ljubljana
thesis title: The power of color in painting, the victory of emotions over by reason (mentors: associate professor Mladen Jernejec, Dr. Ernest Ženko)
-High School of Design and Photography, Ljubljana


About pictures:

For a number of years, I have been asking myself if they exist. Is this possible? Can they be something more than just pretty paintings?

I have spent a lot of time on this subject. My thoughts have been wandering through different areas, from painting to healing and concern for fellow human beings in good and bad, in various life experiences, which were either wonderful or sad. I have tested, verified, painted, healed people, and constantly researched from inside out in thoughts, actions, gestures, dance, music, with relaxing the soul and the body, and in the end it worked! As a graduated painter, fashion stylist, graduated  biotherapist,  healer, with a prominent touch for beautiful and fellow human beings soul, spirit, body and mind, I have managed to merge all of this in my paintings. Being an artist is a wonderful life journey. I paint spontaneously, and allow the energy flow through me. My body and mind are connected with the earth and the universe.

My family, friends, acquaintances or just random people have reported to me many times, of strange sensation and influence, which they sense around me or my paintings, even the next day. Those people who have, or have already had my paintings, tell me about the oddities, which are occurring to them. Every person is a world unto itself and perceives a painting completely differently, depending on what his soul needs in that very moment. Let it be love, better sales, better health, absence of stress, meaning of life, creativity, better interpersonal relationships, peace of mind or something else.

We say that coincidences do not exist, and I think that this statement is completely true. I tested the healing effect of my paintings of my self.

These paintings heal because they contain the vibrations of the universe, which, with the help of my thoughts, colors, ability and sensation of healing people, are in the process of painting weaved to the canvas and radiate back to space with its captured energy. Thought is energy and energy is thought, and that is why thoughts shape us and the world, which surrounds us. A thought can change our insides, our thinking and change us even from the outside. In the process of painting, my thoughts are transformed to colors, where every color, like an electromagnetic wave contains a frequency record, which radiates back into space. I live through colors. They are my passion and my way of life. The fact that I have chosen to write about ‘The Power of Color in Painting’ in my diploma is no coincidence. The paintings are not all about a beautiful, colorful and balanced image or abstraction, but also about feeling something different, like new emotions, truths, some kind of new dimensions of sensing and thinking. Changes happen, which indicate new virtues, new feelings, we become more positive, more comprehensive and we reach a new state of consciousness. Through the painting we can find ourselves, and we feel happy, unburdened and free. The paintings liberate us from our earthly bonds. There is no sign of stress, because stress is nothing else then a way of life! And what kind of life we live, is totally up to us, right?

On the Institute for Bio-electromagnetics and New Biology d.o.o. (BION), we have performed many tests on volunteers, where I got, on the base of the results and very extensive report, an issued document, as a certificate for Energy Influence of Copyright Healing Paintings. It says in the report that my paintings are extremely anti-stressful with a power of revitalization for a human being, which means they have a really healing influence and impact on a person, on elimination of stress, and that with their presence in space, they have the power to create a regeneration in the body and mind of every individual.

A satisfied buyer of my painting wrote: ‘Meeting you and your paintings, meant to me a much more complexed dimension of experiencing colors and all of your energy that is connected with it. Intensive and glowing colors from your paintings, have taught me, to recognize their beautiful colorful energy elsewhere in the environment, where I live, work, cycle and dance. And when I sense and recognize this energy, my little worlds become more beautiful and complex.’

Slovene psychologist, theologian, and author Anton Trstenjak wrote: ‘Man is a designer of the world according to colors. With colors he discloses his culturalism and spirituality. The color exactly, is the conciliation element between the restlessness of the city bustle and the peace of unspoilt nature.

All good, with love, Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec

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